Payroll Services

Payroll Services

The Wildin & Co. payroll department provides a complete payroll service to all categories of clients. We are able to complete weekly, fortnightly or monthly payrolls for our clients providing they email, fax or telephone their pay details through to us. Clients will then receive their completed payslips, summary sheets and pay reports from us.

We are able to produce payrolls for clients who pay by any method including, cash, cheque or electronic banking. Monthly communications are sent to clients advising them of the amounts payable to HM Revenue & Customs in respect of PAYE and NIC.

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Payroll Service and Open payslips

We are pleased to announce a new service we are offering existing and new payroll clients.

We believe in moving with technology and offering a unique service to our clients.

Open Payslips allows us to publish payslips electronically from within our payroll software to a protected online payslip portal. It allows us to deliver your employees' payslips direct to their smartphone! There is no longer a need to provide your employees with paper payslips if you subscribe to this new service.

The secure webs based solution that enables your employees to access, and download their payslips via an online portal. Once your employees have registered they are able to quickly view all of their current and historic payslips in one easy to access, secure area. All payslip information is taken directly from the payroll software and therefore the payslip will be dispatched exactly how your employees are used to seeing them and because they are in the cloud they can be accessed wherever they have an Internet connection.

Benefits to your employees

  • Allows employees immediate 24/7 access to their pay details
  • Employees can access payslips any time saving you time having to produce copy payslipsA greener way for your employees to receive their pay details therefore contributing to your environmental policies
  • Offer a more innovative technology solution to your employees.

If any employee needs historical payslips or data for applying for financial products such as a mortgage, it’s also much easier for them to access and print if off rather than request it from payroll.

If this is a service you may be interested in please give us a call to discuss your requirement, and the relatively small additional cost involved.